Defining strategic goals is a fundamental activity all organizations conduct on a regular basis. Often this process is completed in silos with little alignment on priorities or there is a lack of communications, resulting in increased cost and lost synergies.

At Four/Four we have worked with leaders at organizations around the world to gain clarity around their goals and negotiate the trade-offs required for gaining alignment. We employee a rigorous method of interviewing, data gathering and consolidation before facilitating working sessions with leaders to debate and assess what is truly important. We then shift the conversation to where and how the organization needs to invest in order to deliver on their business strategy and get the most out of its people.

Once the priorities, goals and investment areas have been agreed, we then  objectively evaluate the journey the organization must travel and devise a practical, tactical roadmap to achieve the stated goals. This roadmap is a crucial tool, as it provides a touch-stone that keeps leaders on the same page, acts as a useful communications tool for sharing plans with the wider organization, and provides clarity on success metrics and accountability to keep everyone on track.


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Designing an organization’s culture or structure is never an easy task. It takes a lot more than drafting catchy corporate values and putting names in boxes. At Four/Four we take a thoughtful, data-driven approach to helping craft the most important aspects of your culture & organization design with a focus always one what is required to achieve your goals.




An organization’s culture is now considered to be just as important as its business strategy. Thinking around culture and behaviours has moved rapidly and successful organizations take this aspect of their business seriously – thoughtfully investing in the development and evolution of their ways-of-working. It can be defined and shaped by the work environment, processes, roles, structures, tools and systems which can all be strategically designed to drive specific behaviours.

At Four/Four we work with clients to conduct data-driven assessments of their organization and design a work culture that best suits the business strategy. We quantify and measure the culture, bringing in real-life data and qualitative examples to help understand how work gets done and people behave day-to-day. We then build tactical roadmaps to define how to achieve the desired culture.

Organizational culture is a crucial competitive advantage that takes companies from good to great, and by working with Four/Four we can help you define, design and deliver the right culture for you and your people.


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The design of an organization is one of the most fundamental activities for ensuring optimal performance, engagement, career development and effective communications. Organization design requires a thoughtful analysis of how work gets done, the capabilities and capacity of each role, governance requirements and decision making – all with the ultimate goal of delivering on the organization’s business strategy.

Four/Four can support the entire end-to-end process: from shaping an organization’s strategic blueprint and defining guiding principles, to structure, governance and role design – right down to understanding real-life impacts, skill-gaps, and change management activities required to facilitate a successful implementation of the design.

No two organization designs are the same and we work with your team to develop the right design for your needs. We also focus on the long-term sustainability, with an aim to grow your understanding and capabilities in the organization design space, as well as managing a rigorous and organized project.


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Change is complex, however the process to manage it shouldn’t be. At Four/Four we have the experience of delivering a number of organizational change initiatives and can apply lessons learnt and leading practices to help your organization through its next transformation. Whether it be as a result of a new process, system, structure, culture, merger, or strategy, we can help you understand the real impacts to your people and put a plan in place to navigate the change effectively.

All change programs are different, as they deal with people and their personal developmental journeys during the change. We take the time to understand these dynamics and help to shape a program that is right for your organization and its people. Our approach takes a holistic view of the change and provides more than just training and communications, but we also think through the role of leadership, impacts to roles and organization structures, culture implications as well as the on-going needs of your people once the change has happened.

Four/Four can play a role at any stage of the process – whether it be defining a change strategy, conducting impact assessments, developing a change plan or carrying out the hands-on implementation, we have the experience and know-how to guide our clients through the most complex change management programs.


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Employee engagement has become a metric that all CEOs have on their scorecards, but despite an increase in trying to measure this important topic, many organizations are still struggling to develop and implement talent strategies that truly drive engaged and fully effective people. Most organizations get so caught-up in the measurement and reporting process that there just isn’t time to understand the issues, design impactful programs, and get them working effectively.

By combining survey data with anecdotal evidence and contrasting that with a timeline of what the organization and its people have experienced over the recent past, we are able to articulate a more complete picture of engagement – both the highs and lows – and understand the best approach for responding the the needs to your people, while remaining focused on delivering the business strategy.

At Four/Four we have a deep understanding of employee engagement and what motivates people. We work with your leaders to assess the data, identify areas of focus, and build tailored people and talent programs to help deliver on your strategic goals. We have developed a simple, yet comprehensive workforce strategy model that can help you to shape a holistic program that drives engagement and improves effectiveness across the organization.


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