We are business transformation specialists, helping organizations to define and adapt their strategy in response to an ever-changing marketplace. Organizations and their people need to have foresight, be nimble and adapt quickly. Those that anticipate rather than react to change, and learn how to ‘bank into the waves’ have a competitive advantage.

An organization’s people are the real difference makers. If you can create structures that empower, a culture that inspires, development opportunities & roles that motivate, and a healthy work environment to thrive, you can achieve something truly great.

In music, Four/Four is know as common time. It is the rhythm we know instinctively and provides a pulse that guides us and moves everyone together.  By working with our consultants, we can help your business through difficult transformational changes and get your organization moving in sync.



Programs with ‘Excellent’ change management meet or exceed their objectives 95% of the time.

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Dale’s expertise lies in the field of strategic talent consulting and change management, helping clients to achieve their business goals through getting the most out of their people.  He has extensive experience in delivering workforce strategy, organization design, culture change, change management and employee engagement programs for some of the largest organizations in the world. Dale has held leadership positions at a number of global consulting firms, including acting as the Canadian Human Capital and Organization Effectiveness Lead for Accenture and the VP and Principal Consultant for Right Management’s Canadian talent management practice. Dale has also worked with Ernst & Young and Accenture in London, England where he began his career.

Throughout Dale’s career, he has been able to consult and counsel clients during their most difficult periods of transformation. Whether as a result of a merger, business process or systems change, or strategic re-alignment he has helped clients understand the impacts on their people and the role they play in making the organization a success. Examples of Dale’s client work includes culture assessment and change program development, organization blueprint and design work, role and governance definition, strategic journey road-mapping, transformational change strategy, employee engagements and leadership development programs.

Dale has a breadth of experience working with senior client executives to help them to identify and define their most burning issues and then works collaboratively to develop a solution to reach their desired outcomes. He has extensive experience working across a broad range of industries, with especially deep specialization in the utilities, energy and health care sectors. Dale has also been involved in a number of merger integration programs, helping to manage the people impacts pre, during and post-merger – including the largest merger in Canadian history.






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